"soundbite" maria wigley’s final cover for " so shines a good deed in a weary world "

"soundbite" maria wigley’s final cover for " so shines a good deed in a weary world "

Maria Wigley’s artwork for the forthcomming The Transplant Mountains release “so shines a good deed  in a weary world “

The Transplant Mountains reviewed by Mark Barton in Loosing Today

A handful of missives and not a Justin Wiggan related item in sight, alas dear hearts you don’t get away that likely - like the buses - wait around for hours on end and three of the blighters rear up in quick procession at once - seems Mr Wiggan is keeping true to his promise of attempting a record for being in the most bands at any one time - last count 227 I seem to recall though I expect I’ll get an email remonstrating the fact that during a quick coffee break he managed to hook up with (or indeed pressgang) three more. A quick mention then for two - I’m assuming - works in progress - the third comes further down the missive (which if your reading this right now in the update format - will appear later at the weekend - or else should you be reading the completed missive as said somewhere below) in the guise of the latest Geography of Nowhere opus via the ever wonderful first fold imprint. Now we’ve been getting curiously nonsensical emails from the Wiggan one of late one of which warned of plans for a tape release attached to a walking stick or something like that as well as links to (aforementioned) works in progress the first of which is by the translant mountains who are described cryptically as a ’4 piece collective’ made up of Messrs Wiggan, Haddon, Savage and Relmic Statute and who’ve just posted up the edit variant of ’so shines a good deed in a weary world’. A kinda Sissy Spacek for the cosmically fried - takes no prisoners as it butchers your earlobes and blister peels the top three coats of your listening space walls, caustic stuff that to these ears sounds not unlike the death throes of a hulking galactic star liner shifting apace towards meltdown and to an inevitable destruction all power shrilled electronics, squalling manipulations and skull crunching eruptions - tensely tyrannical though listen close beneath the sandstorm sonic sculpturing and you’ll hear ever so slightly the heavenly reign of bliss traced celestial crests as though MBV had been refocused through the viewfinder of Tayside Mental Health - hell knows where the promised saxophone was.

The Transplant Mountains

 ” so shines a good deed in a weary world ” edit

written, performed and recorded by Justin Wiggan, relmic statute, Daniel Hadden and Rob Savage.